explore (explore) wrote in niptuckicontest,

Re-opening niptuckicontest?

So, I'm considering opening this place back up again. If I were to open it, who would be interested in participating? Please only say you're interested if you're actually going to do so (I need an accurate count). Also, if this place opens, I would need a co-mod. Would anyone be interested in helping me run this place?
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i'd participate.
I'm interested, as soon as this week is over! Die, move-in week, die! I can't mod, I'm sure, because I'm not very good with LJ, regardless of having it for 5 years, unfortunately. Though, if you needed the time restrictions, etc., to be lax, that'd be fine, and just post a disclaimer so that people don't get all pissy and dumb. I miss this icontest comm, so I hope it reopens! And I hope you're doing alright, and everything's going well for you, too!
I'd definately be interested :)
what exactly would a co-mod do? Could they enter the contests? Let me know, Im interested.
Most of the time I would be able to do everything, but occasionally I would need them to put up voting or help me make banners (the last one is rare since I usually make banners ahead of time). And yes, they could enter challenges still.
I would whenever I could.
I'd participate.
i've been insanely busy and am just now getting close to the calm after the storm (christmas, wedding, honeymoon, moving my mother out to a new home, searching for a job, etc.)
i'll definatley participate
i don't know if i'd be able to co-mod
but if you can't find anyone else....
I'd parcipate, I like this place.