explore (explore) wrote in niptuckicontest,

Here is your reminder to enter the current challenge which ends on Friday.
Enter here.

And my new co-mod - would you be able to put up voting for me on Friday?
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What time? I live in Australia, so I'll have to work out the time difference :)
Also, the comments are screened, so I can't see them ;)
urgh..hmmm...okay, I'll fix that screening problem
okay fixed. Thank you so much!
Ummmm,I normally just post it right before I go to bed on Friday night, so would that be Saturday morning for you? haha, I have no idea :)
I think it would be Saturday afternoon, because I'm a comod of another icontest and voting goes up there Friday and when i do it, I put it up in the afternoon. I'll work it out :) and thanks!
oh okay. Thank you :) Just do it whenever you can :)
out of curiosity... will this community be opening back up soon? i'm extremely excited about the upcoming season in like a week & a half!!
Ohhh I'm excited too! Ummm...I'll see what I can do ;)